Vacuum creating systems
based on vacuum hydrocirculating (VHC) units

Jet compression units
for handling of flare, associated petroleum and other low-pressure gases

Jet absorbtion gas cleaning units
for removal of hydrocarbons from breathing gases and recovery of oil gases and oil products gases

Jet devices:
ejectors and injectors of various purpose

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Fruitful contacts

Khazipova F. Fruitful contacts. "Puls" Newspaper. - 04.04.1998. - No.12 (2020)
. // "". - 04.04.1998. - 12 (2020).

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Report from the congress of gas and oil industry 1998.
From the paper: Pulse, vol. No. 12 (2020),
4 April 1998, Bashkortostan, Russia.


Bashkortostan is the largest gas and oil refinery center of Russia, successfully competing with other industrial regions of Russian Federation. It is not incidentally that Ufa city has been chosen as the forum for the Congress of Oil and Gas Industry of Russia 21-24 of April 1998.
Ancient fruitful contacts are supported by Moscow and Ufa Oil and Gas producers and designers. Representatives of Ufa Oil and Gas industry are attracted in Moscow by a great number of new technologies and projects, experience of work with foreign partners who posses perfect equipment and projects.

Under conditions and circumstances of market economy rapid reaction on demand becomes one of the most important conditions for survival and development of companies. It depends on possibilities of a factory to redirect its manufacturing process, implement flexible technologies for manufacturing of competitive products.

Collaborators of research and production association Technovacuum work on the most complicated questions in this direction. With their participation, AVT-3 and AVT-4 ( atmospheric vacuum distillation units) were equipped on the factory with new vacuum-generating systems , which if to be compared with complicated and large classical system, based on steam ejectors, are more simple, compact and comfortable in operation. Advantages of Moscow specialists technology are vividly proved by numbers. A unit commercially approves itself within half a year. Due to the rejection to use steam, approximately 450 thousands US Dollars were saved and the factory by excluding consumption of cooling water saved 120 thousands US Dollars. Economy from cutting of losses of oil products made 632 thousands US Dollars. Not only the above mentioned facts constitute advantages of the new technology. We can include in the advantages economy on environment protection, maintenance and replacement of equipment connected with corrosion wearing. Now new vacuum-generating system is being assembled on the crude oil processing unit AVT-1.




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