Vacuum creating systems
based on vacuum hydrocirculating (VHC) units

Jet compression units
for handling of flare, associated petroleum and other low-pressure gases

Jet absorbtion gas cleaning units
for removal of hydrocarbons from breathing gases and recovery of oil gases and oil products gases

Jet devices:
ejectors and injectors of various purpose

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Two-stage layout of VHC unit
with hydrocarbon motive fluid

1,2 vacuum creating devices
3,4 - separators
5 heat exchanger
6 pump for motive fluid (diesel fraction, gas oil)

I gas-vapor mixture from distillation column
II cracking gases incineration
III, IV outlet of excess motive fluid
V fresh motive fluid makeup line

The compression of gas-vapor mixture is performed in two stages at the expense of energy of hydrocarbon motive fluid. In comparison with one-stage layout of vacuum hydrocirculating unit, this reduces costs for pump drive of motive fluid pump.




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