Vacuum creating systems
based on vacuum hydrocirculating (VHC) units

Jet compression units
for handling of flare, associated petroleum and other low-pressure gases

Jet absorbtion gas cleaning units
for removal of hydrocarbons from breathing gases and recovery of oil gases and oil products gases

Jet devices:
ejectors and injectors of various purpose

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Jet devices. Tsegelsky V.G.


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ISBN 978-5-7038-4666-7

Tsegelsky V.G. Jet devices. - Moscow: Publishing House at N.E. Bauman Moscow State Technical University, 2017. 567 pp.
( .. C . - .: - . .. , 2017. - 567 .)

Results of theoretical and experimental investigations of two-phase jet devices and gas ejectors with sonic and supersonic nozzles are described. General theory is proposed, which is based on the non-equilibrium thermodynamics and explains the processes in these devices from common positions. Physical features of both two-phase and gaseous medium flows in channels of the devices are analyzed. The axiom of tendency of processes in nature to perfection is formulated, which determines, on the basis of thermodynamics of irreversible processes, realization of the specific operating mode (among several possible ones) of single-phase gas ejectors and two-phase jet devices. Methods of calculation of ejector and injector two-phase jet devices as well as of gas ejectors with cylindrical and conical mixing chambers are proposed. Prospects for application of these devices in oil-and-gas production, oil-processing and petrochemical industries, energetics, space and deep-water technologies are shown.

This book is intended for scientists and engineers specialized in investigation, designing and maintenance of jet devices. It may be useful for postgraduates and students of technical universities and higher education institutes.

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