Vacuum creating systems
based on vacuum hydrocirculating (VHC) units

Jet compression units
for handling of flare, associated petroleum and other low-pressure gases

Jet absorbtion gas cleaning units
for removal of hydrocarbons from breathing gases and recovery of oil gases and oil products gases

Jet devices:
ejectors and injectors of various purpose

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Two phase jet devices. Tsegelsky V.G.


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ISBN 5-7038-2245-9

Tsegelsky V.G. Two phase jet devices. - Moscow: Publishing House at N.E. Bauman Moscow State Technical University, 2003. 408 pp.
( .. . - .: - . .. , 2003. - 408 .)

The book comprises the results of theoretical and experimental research of two-phase jet devices of various types. The book offers a general theory explaining a behavior in these devices in view of a unified position. The author considers physical features of flow of two-phase mediums in the flow-through cell of the device. The calculation methods for two-phase jet devices of ejector and injector type are offered. There are shown the perspectives of use of these devices in gas-and-oil production, oil-refining and petrochemical industry, in power engineering and space and deep-sea technologies.

The book will be useful for researchers and engineers involved in development, design and operation of two-phase jet devices. It can be useful for students and post-graduate students of technical universities and institutes of higher education.

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