Vacuum creating systems
based on vacuum hydrocirculating (VHC) units

Jet compression units
for handling of flare, associated petroleum and other low-pressure gases

Jet absorbtion gas cleaning units
for removal of hydrocarbons from breathing gases and recovery of oil gases and oil products gases

Jet devices:
ejectors and injectors of various purpose

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for preparation of technical proposal for delivery of jet absorption gas cleaning unit for tank breathing gases of loading/unloading racks

Period for preparation of technical proposal (minimum 2 weeks):
1. Purpose of works:

delivery of jet absorption gas cleaning unit for new loading rack,
delivery of jet absorption gas cleaning unit for existing loading rack.

2. Petroleum products loaded:
3. Number of loading points (loading stands):
4. Maximum loading capacity of each loading stand, m3/h:
5. Maximum loading capacity for each product, m3/h:
6. Maximum capacity of pumps delivering each product to the loading stands, m3/h:
7. Products that are loaded simultaneously:
8. Maximum temperature of petroleum products loaded:


9. Characteristics of electric energy:

9.1 Voltage - V,

9.2 Current frequency - Hz,

9.3 Number of phases - .

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